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On the surface we are a plumbing company, a business therein and as a business we must operate as such which can sometimes be a little confusing because of the brand that we offer. Because of this it is extremely important to us to foster and grow our brand in the community, and where we are heavy regulatedby by the state on our business dealings, we are not so much on our generosity.

Introducing Promos or the promo page. Here we are free show to our hearts and intentions by not only showing you what community services we are involved in but also giving you the opportunity to join in and help make the community a better place.

Below you will find organized events that we hope you take the opportunity to join and partcipate in.

Fall Classic

Fall Classic

We are pleased to invite to an annual golf tournament sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Wheather you are a golfer or a business this is a great time to enjoy yourself and shine. Come and join in on the fun Saturday November 16th 2019. For people looking to golf Click here, and for businesses looking to get in front of a lot of folks Click here. Once up, simply print off the apropriate form(s), complete them along with the associated fee, and either mail it in or give us a call and we'll come pick it up and deliever it for you.

Both forms are dated 2018 but are correct elsewise. We have requested a change to the forms.

Can Food Drive

Fall Classic

Help Us help those in need this Thanksgiving. Let's face it, life is hard enough and not everyone has been blessed in the same way. As a community let's bring a smile to stuggling families. Starting November 1st 2019 we will be conducting a can food drive that will last until Saturday November 23th. You can join in by either donating can goods to the technician as he leaves your home or by calling and requesting a pickup. Everything collected willl go to the food pantry of Resurrection Catholic Church. Thank you in advance; let's bring a smile to some faces.